Before / After Smile Gallery

  • Top Photo: Old 20+ year old bridge
    Bottom Photo: New all zirconia bridge, great adaptation to existing ridge

  • Top Photo:Patient did not like her lower crown with roots exposed
    Bottom Photo: New all ceramic crowns in place

  • Top photo: Periodontally loose maxillary centrals and lateral, huge diastema
    Bottom Photo: New 6 units all ceramic bridge, patient wondered why he waited so long to do the treatment!

  • Top Photo: Large composite fillings in the front teeth
    Middle Photo: Patient was in this multi-unit temporary for about 2 weeks
    Bottom Photo: day of delivery, six anterior all ceramic crowns, improved length and esthetics

  • Top Photo: Worn front teeth due to a parafunctional habit
    Bottom Photo: two new front crowns, again all ceramic

  • Top Photo: 15-year-old bridge, wrong shade, chipped porcelain with decay at the margins
    Bottom Photo: New bridge in place from canine to canine, longer in length more realistic and better shade, This ironworker also received a mouthguard to protect his investment

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